A Day in the Life of Wrought Iron & Brass Bed Company

Norfolk, home to beautiful countryside, nature reserves and  miles of unspoilt coastline.  It’s also home to the wonderful company Wrought Iron and Brass Bed company. I met the company at Grand Designs Live and we have stayed in-touch.



So who are Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Company?

We are a family company that specialise in designing and creating beds with the beauty and strength to become a family heirloom.  All of our wrought iron, brass and nickel beds are handmade in Norfolk by a team of craftsmen using traditional construction techniques.


The company are located within an idyllic Norfolk setting and so to make us all jealous, I asked Harry to give us an insight to a normal day at work.  There is no congestion or cramped public transport here.

6:00am – No need for an alarm as the Norfolk sunshine, is beaming through my window; and the birds are giving their morning song, and in the far distance you can hear the neighbours cockerel, saying good morning.

Morning sunshine

So I climb out of bed, make my downstairs, put on my stable boots and off I go to feed and muck out three happy chappies. As I make my way down the garden path, I can hear a wicker coming from the other side of the hedge; its my Irish Draft horse, wishing me a good morning; along with a hurry up and feed me.

Blue in his stable

The boys now in their stables, chowing down on a hearty breakfast of good horsey feed; its time to push a wheelbarrow around the meadow, and collect their ‘business’… a quick morning groom, prepare their feed for tonight and now its onto the other animals.

The chickens first, then of course we cant forget George. Our 10 year old boxer, who we rescued from Battersea almost 8 years ago… only a few months after we started the company, so he’s virtually been through it all. But this morning he’s being grumpy, so a few slices of cooked sausage, sneaked in; and he’s soon gone from grumpy George to… leave me alone I’m eating my breakfast George.

Hometime George upright

Then it’s a quick breakfast for me, a shower and spruce to look good for the day ahead; then its time to usher George into the car, and off we go to work.

8:00am – First things first… put the kettle on, have a sit down and read through any e-mails, along with answering any customer enquiries from our website; a quick flick onto our website to make sure everything is working. Then on with the day!

9:00am – Todays an exciting day, as we get to choose the new colours for our new ‘Urban Collection’. Over some general debates, questions and answers…. Eureka! we have them. 4 new fab, bold, colours to really let the customer tailor make their bed to suit their style.

10:00am – The colour choosing took a while! So its time for a brew, and maybe a biscuit! But disaster strikes… its Thursday and my interiors blog should be going out tomorrow… slight problem though! I’ve not written it yet… ideas, ideas, I need an idea… FESTIVALS… and I only came to this conclusion, as I was looking at the Glastonbury webpage… time to explore how to get the festival look, indoors!

So I sit and stroll through Google for ideas, one after the other I see things and read things that give me a wide sense of inspiration. With a little edit and little tweak… jobs done and the blog is scheduled to go out… Phew! Time for a brew and maybe two biscuits this time!

Get the festival look…Indoors!

Lunchtime – what better way to enjoy lunch, than sitting outside in the sunshine… shame it’s not sunny! But its still warm and dry, so ill still sit outside. I’ve not been back with the family company long, and my first project was to re-vamp our garden area. Originally it was just a walled gravel pit, but now a Bee friendly, English flowered area, that really gives a great backdrop for our London rescued cast iron benches. It also gives a great backdrop for me to sit, eat my Strawberry jam sandwich, Muller corner (cherry), packet of crisps and of course accompanied by a brew and a Penguin… what did the penguin cop, shout at the snowman robber? – Freeze!

a place to sit

1:00pm – well after such an exciting morning, I need to pace my afternoon; and what better way than next years budgets!!! It’s almost our year-end, and advertising needs to be allocated, so with the help of a trusted spreedsheet… it’s a number crunch here and a number crunch there! We’d been talking about our future schedule for a while, so its not a too tasking job… and with a little colour splash here and there, to make the spreedsheet look less bland… done! Our next core-advertising schedule for next year is done! Time for a brew… but no biscuits… as mummy’s been to the post office and we’ve got cake…. Good mummy!

3:30pm – last major job of the day! Soft furnishings hunting! It’s been on the cards for a while now, but we’d like to expand by having a small interiors section. A place where people can come to buy little simple things, such as a cushion or candle holder; too being able to select and order fabric to upholster an old sofa, or maybe make some new curtains.

But finding Norfolk based product is working out pretty tricky… but then another idea! Time for a brew! … Why not approach young designers and showcase their work? So it’s a quick phone call to the local college arts and design department, and short email; and things are looking promising. Lets hope it goes further.

down the garden

5:30pm – Home time – George is ushered back into the car and home we go. But don’t think he’s been ignored all day, oh no! Although he hasn’t had as many cups of tea as I have, he has had a lot of playtime; as a lady came in with her two children. And lets just say…. George was very entertained! And so were the kids! I think a puppy may be coming their way soon!

6:20pm – it took a little longer to get home tonight, as the tractors we’re moving from field to field. Some we’re preparing to start cutting a field, some are simply just maintain the fields. We have a lot of crop fields around here, and a lot of potatoes; but my favourite is the yellow of the Rapeseed fields.

So now home, and its back down the garden path; into the field and met by what was this morning a beautifully groomed, clean, Grey horse… is now a Grey horse, with go faster patches of green and brown from having a good old role! I think we shall be doing some grooming tonight!!!

7:00pm back up the garden path, and as it’s turned into such a lovely evening; its time too light the BBQ and feed George. Whilst the BBQ is heating up, its time to quickly collect the eggs from our chickens… I forgot to mention them properly earlier; we have 8, all rescued barn hens that lay some fantastic eggs.

photo 3

So with the animals all fed, watered, it’s our turn! Time to sit out on the decking and look over the horse paddock and fields, enjoying a small BBQ and a cheeky glass of Norfolk apple cider!

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