Floormaker’s Hallway Flooring is up to the Tough Task

The Hallway, one of the most important areas of your home, but do you give it the attention it deserves?  A hallway floor is the first space your guests see when they visit your home so it needs to make a great impression.  It also is one of the busiest traffic areas, has to survive through all types of weather and yet remain stylish and be easy to clean.  A tough task for any flooring so I was pleased when my friend Joel at Floormaker agreed to return to Trying to Balance the Madness with another fantastic guest post.

Floormaker’s Picks for the Hallway

This guest post was written by Joel Dear. Joel is the copywriter and social media manager at Floormaker, an online flooring retailer offering free delivery throughout the UK.

Floormaker's Picks for the Hallway

When you spend a lot of time chatting with interior design aficionados (and, believe me, I do) you kind of start to notice a pattern. Everybody talks about bedroom designs and kitchen designs and especially living room designs, but nobody seems to pay all that much attention to the hallway. Note that a Google search for ‘hallway design ideas’ returns just 5.59 million results, which is nothing compared to the riches that reveal themselves when you search for ‘bedroom design ideas’ (40.8 million results) and ‘kitchen design ideas’ (47.5 million results).

This is kind of odd, though – depending on how your home is laid out, the hallway could well be the first thing that people see, so why wouldn’t you put a bit of artistic effort into it? A good hallway should say ‘Welcome in, friend’, as opposed to ‘Yeah, but wait until you see the living room!’

                                                        Floormaker’s Picks for the Hallway2‘It’s, like, REALLY nice!’

There are many different ways to achieve this – you could hang up some pictures, or place a vase of freesias on the washstand – but one of the biggest considerations is the floor. The average hallway floor comes under quite a lot of stress; as the main thoroughfare through your house, it will see quite a lot of foot traffic, not to mention all the dirt and debris that comes in through the front door.

But does this mean that your hallway can’t have a beautiful floor? Does it heck! As I mentioned in my previous blog post for Trying to Balance the Madness, you can even get away with a solid wood floor in the hallway, just as long as it’s oiled or lacquered for that extra bit of protection.

Generally speaking, though, a laminate floor is the best choice for the hallway. Laminates are tough enough to cope with all of that wear and tear, and if that shiny laminate surface gets dirty, you can simply wipe it clean.

            Floormaker’s Picks for the Hallway3 And a good thing, too – some careless person has spilt soil all over this one.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. ‘But Joel, aren’t laminate floors kind of cheap and nasty-looking? What kind of impression will that give my guests?’ Well, dear reader, I’m well aware of laminate’s slightly tacky reputation, but I must point out that technology has come a long way in the last few years. The big flooring manufacturers are now capable of creating laminate floors that are practically indistinguishable from ‘authentic’ materials like wood and ceramic, and this is very good news for your hallway, especially given the colossal variety of designs that are now available to the style-conscious shopper.

Here are a few ideas that would be perfect for the hallway:

                Floormaker’s Picks for the Hallway Creamy Laminate TilesCreamy laminate tiles will give your home a truly elegant reception area.

Floormaker’s Picks for the Hallway Fine LinesFine lines and narrow boards will almost look as if they’re pointing the way through to the rest of the house.

Floormaker’s Picks for the Hallway RusticA rustic, weathered-looking wood effect laminate is ideal for creating a cosy, welcoming atmosphere.

Floormaker’s Picks for the Hallway Bold ColoursUse bold colours and contemporary designs for a spectacularly stylish impact as soon as you walk through the door.

There are all kinds of ways to customise your hallway, and I’m sure you’ve already had plenty of ideas. Why not share them in the comments?

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