Going back to the beginning

Time is a funny thing, sometimes it’s as though it is moving so fast that we struggle to keep up and then it is as though time has stood still.  When I started Trying to Balance the Madness it was a difficult time in my life, I had lost direction on where I wanted to go and my blog became my solace.  It was a place where I shared my passion and wrapped up in every dream home, every luxury interior were all my hopes and dreams although I had no idea what they were.

Through this blog and social media, I found myself and a new life and career, it gave me the confidence and determination I needed.  You see, we all can get comfortable with what we have but may have an inner desire to do something different.  Change is nothing new to me, I have always had to leave the familiar to venture into a new city and a new role.  But here I was, unsettled, desperate for change and no idea of how to get there.

We all take risks in life, some big and some small, but I was on the verge of taking one of the biggest risks of my life.  Employment can feel like a security blanket, take that away and you are left with a bunny in the headlamps scenario.  Nothing is certain anymore, it’s flight or fight and even the toughest have major ups and downs.  When you read stories of the best entrepreneurs they have all had huge battles, some have won, lost everything then won it back again but even bigger.  When you have a family the decision to take this leap is not just yours but your families as well.

In the early days of starting Citrus Content, I worked full time, balancing both I honestly thought would kill me.  There is no such thing as ‘work-life balance’, I worked morning, noon, night and often on very few hours sleep.  I remember being so tired that I couldn’t even see the keys on my laptop.  Many thought I was crazy, many thought I would fail and oh yes there were those that wanted to see me fail.  Regardless of the negativity, there were those that willed me to succeed, who supported my every step and gave me that chance to show what I could do.

Grateful, doesn’t seem a strong enough word to express my gratitude, for when you have your own business you do need a network of support around you.  Challenges are a daily occurrence, and oh what mistakes you make along the way, I know I still make them now – but each mistake is as they say a learning curve and you pick yourself up and dust yourself off and find a way out of it, no matter how hard it is.  For the past few years, I have been so buried in making my business work that I have let the thing that got me there in the first place slide.

Trying to Balance the Madness was the beginning, every day I write for other people, I turn their thoughts into words to bring their vision of their business alive, in doing so I lost my voice.  I posted on here less and less, I stepped away from my social media accounts and kind of withdrew for a moment.  Maybe I hadn’t lost my voice I just needed to press pause for a while.

It is time to press play again.

We are all Trying to Balance the Madness in our lives, and rediscovering the freedom I feel writing for ‘ME’ again is exhilarating.

I feel I’m starting on a new journey, I’m in the process of making some truly tough decisions in my business, you can’t stand still as things are always changing around you.

By going back to the beginning, I’m not going backwards but forwards and I can’t wait to see what’s ahead.


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