Guest Post: How to Design the Perfect Open Plan Bathroom

Guest Post by Richard Talbot

Over the last decade, open plan bathrooms have evolved from a unique feature of luxury hotels into an everyday interior design element. Whether you’re renovating your home or building a new one from scratch, an open plan bathroom is very likely at the top of your list of interior design priorities.

While it might seem easy to design an open plan bathroom, getting it right requires a careful attention to detail. These five tips, provided by the interior design experts at The Tile Depot, will help you design and build the perfect open plan bathroom for your home.

1.    Choose your flooring materials carefully

When selecting a floor for your open plan bathroom, you have two choices: use the same flooring in both your bedroom and bathroom, or carefully transition from one material to another at the border of your bathroom.

Since wooden flooring is rarely a great choice for a bathroom, you’ll most often need to create a transition from one material to another. Make sure you choose a flooring material that matches your bedroom’s flooring and avoids visual clashes.

An open plan bathroom can give your home the exclusive style of a luxurious hotel. Image

2.    Maximise light but minimise visibility

Bathrooms should be light, bright and spacious, but never overly exposed or highly visible. Use blinds and protective window film to make sure that your bathroom is light and comfortable but largely invisible to the outside world.

A great way to achieve privacy and comfort in your bathroom is to arrange the sink and bathroom counter on the same wall as your major windows. Your bathtub and toilet should be situated at the back of the room, away from the large windows.


3.    Need more privacy? Consider a semi-open bathroom

Open plan doesn’t necessarily mean completely open. If you need a combination of spacious, open plan living and acceptable privacy, consider installing a glass wall to separate your bedroom and bathroom while maintaining an open look.

Many luxury hotels use a glass wall or interior window to separate the bathroom and bedroom, along with blinds to increase privacy for guests. You can achieve a similar result in your home using curtains or special privacy glass.

4.    Begin with your bathtub, and end with your toilet

An open plan bathroom should put its most aesthetically pleasing features first. Use your bathtub as a visual centrepiece for your bathroom, separating your bedroom’s furniture from the more functional areas of your bathroom.


5.    Use glass to your advantage

Old-fashioned bathroom elements like shower curtains and divider walls look out of place in a modern, open bathroom. By using glass as a divider, you can open up your bathroom while still enjoying a reasonable degree of privacy and comfort.

From the shower door to the bathroom cabinet, make sure glass is the material of choice in your bathroom. Glass can also be used for shelving and tiling, especially in showers and other wet areas.

2 thoughts on “Guest Post: How to Design the Perfect Open Plan Bathroom

  1. Choosing your floor material carefully, maximizing light (minimizing visibility), considering semi-open bathrooms, start with bathtub (end with toilet) and using glass to your advantage are all great tips how to design the perfect open plan bathroom. As a licensed plumber, I would advise to purchase good, well known name brand products for fixtures such as toilets, sink and faucet, bathtub shower valve, bathtub and/or shower and shower heads. You made some great points, thanks for sharing and for the good read.

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