If wishes were dreams, and dreams were playhouses. Spotlight on The Master Wishmakers.

I remember the first time I met The Master Wishmakers.  It was the 16 November 2012, and I had been visiting the Ideal Home Christmas Show.  The show was perfect for a complete Christmas fan such as me!  There was an abundance of glitter, the sound of Christmas tunes and the aromas winter spices, it was hypnotic.


As we walked round the expanse of stalls and stands we came across, the most amazing property caught my eye.  It is not unusual to see a property within one of these exhibitions but this was no ordinary property, this was every child’s (and big kids) dream.  It is as though they have been busying around my dreams and captured the best bits, mixed in a sprinkle of Disney and produced the most play house I had ever seen.


A year on and I have got to know this wonderful company more.  They astound me with their craftmanship and creativity.  Father Christmas as we know is on his way, so before we go any further and to avoid traumatised children all over the world.


For your eyes only or face the doe eye wants of your little people!


Now! Let me Introduce you to The Master Wishmakers

This business is so unique I am fascinated on how they started.  Nino Rosella, Brand & Marketing Director tells me, “The co-founders (I’m not one FYI) of The Master Wishmakers have been architectural builders for many years and when the financial crisis hit in 2008 it was clear that in order to make it through was to diversify. They spotted a gap in the market for high-quality, luxury playhouses and bedrooms. The company has been going from strength to strength since and added themed architecture and furniture to our repertoire to complement the existing products and services.”

How would you describe the business?

“The Master Wishmakers create themed architecture and interiors, as well as luxury playhouses, bedrooms and furniture. The United Kingdom has some of the most skilled craftsmen, designers and artists in the world and it is this talent that we harness to produce every one of our creations. We produce bespoke work for individuals but are seeing a strong take-up among luxury and high-end businesses such as hotels, private schools and nurseries as they all compete to offer the most unique experiences to their customers and clients.  We take great pride in the fact that everything we produce is designed, handmade and finished in the United Kingdom.”

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I asked Nino what made them different and why they are unique.  He believes that the design, quality and attention to detail of all their creations are second to none. “All of our playhouses for instance, are constructed like a real timber-framed house and are built to last many generations. If we take ‘Hotchpotch’ for example then, just as a real house it’s insulated, fully wired, has a fully tiled roof, metal guttering and lead flashing.”

Nino tells me that they hope that each design will become a family heirloom.  What a beautiful thought, and I can understand why.  If I had one of their wonderful designs I wouldn’t want to let it go!

Their approach to design is simply – Fun. They tell me that fun is at the heart of  absolutely everything they do.  They tell me that if they or their clients don’t have fun creating it and it doesn’t bring a smile to their face then radically the design goes straight on the junk pile.  Their internal motto is a quote from ‘My Uncle Oswald’ by Roald Dahl: “Life is more fun if you play games”.

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“When creating bespoke commissions for clients we always make sure that we fully understand things such as their personalities, hobbies, interests, favourite films, favourite architectural period, the brand (if a company) etc. This allows us to inject a bit of them into the creation and this end up resonating with them on a much more personal level.”

How do you find the right craftsman?

“The co-founders have been in the construction industry for many years and the majority of our craftsmen were known personally to them before the company started. Good craftsmen and women also tend to be in each others networks so our recruitment tends mainly to be via word-of-mouth. The co-founders are very experienced and so fortunately they’re able to spot right away if somebody is a good fit for the company or not.”

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What has been your biggest challenge?

“Our biggest challenge is forcing ourselves to remove pen from paper and start building! Due to the almost unlimited scope of what we can create and the fun we have doing it, there’s always a tendency to keep adding more detail and exciting features to a design. This could go on forever so it’s a job to know where to draw the line.”

When you look at their website, one project doesn’t just stand out but completely blasts off the page.  They didn’t just create one of their luxury playhouses but an entire pirate island.  So I asked Nino to tell me how they approached such a mammoth project.


“As mentioned above it’s important to fully understand the client personally and also to understand their needs and wishes. After that it was just about emersing ourselves in 18th century architecture, stories, legends etc and then producing our own take on it and having a ball. We always like to have a story behind a design so for Challis Island we created a short story of how the island came to be in the middle of Cambridgeshire and we put this at the front of the design proposal. (You can read the story here on our blog: http://www.masterwishmakers.com/its-a-pirates-life-for-me/  )”

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What are you most proud of?

“To date it has to be Challis Island and the praise that it got worldwide.”


What is your vision for the future?

“Alongside world domination we’d like to grow the business to become the first place people turn to when looking for that unique, high-end, bespoke creations.”


Thank you so much to Nino for taking the time to tell us about the most creative “property” business in the world – The Master Wishmakers


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