It is funny how things unfold in our lives isn’t it…. – Guest Blog by @lifeafterlondon

It is funny how things unfold in our lives isn’t it….

There are some things we plan to within an inch of their life, play-dates, parties, meals etc and then there are some things that just sort of happen and for me starting a new business was just a sort of happen thing.  The one thing you think you’d plan and for me ‘boom’ it just happened!

I had this idea to help people when they’re moving, to put people in touch with others to ease the path… the idea came to me in the middle of the night!  It started with an email to my bro in law, asking the most basic question “how do I buy a name for a website” and that was November 2011 and just a few short months later I suddenly have a website and people who I don’t know are finding it and registering on it and helping each other.

Those few short months sound easy when I write them like that but I’ll never again underestimate the plate spinning of a working mother. I am the mother of 3 littlies who I adore and I look after full time (with an amazing au pair without whom I would be lost).  Between us we muddle along, trying not to forget critical dates like nursery sports day – it’s tomorrow apparently and I don’t seem to have it in my diary!

I still consider myself to be a stay at home mum but every moment of my spare time is taken up with my new business.  Websites aren’t my area of expertise but quotes were astronomical to get one done for me so I talked to people and found the amazing WordPress.  I know it’s made for total novices to set up but I also knew I couldn’t do everything so I asked for help from someone who knows wordpress.  She set up the site for me which made all the difference.  I think I’d still be on the page 2 of the manual 2 if it weren’t for Lyndsay Moon!

I always thought the difficult bit of my site would be asking people across the country to register and to answer questions for new people on the move.  It turns out we live in a nation of helpers, of really genuinely lovely people who have jumped in with me and seem to be embracing the whole idea.

Now it’s a question of getting the word out about the site for people on the move.  I’m not a PR person, nor a web person, nor a social media or advertising guru – in fact on that note I’m sure what I am actually but I’m having to learn all the above and through all the plate spinning and panic and pressure I keep remembering the reason I set the site up –  a genuine desire to help people on the move and if it takes a while to get the word out that’s ok and if I don’t have a million people on the site tomorrow it doesn’t matter!

As a full time mother with a business on the side I am constantly torn – feeding the children tea whilst typing a tweet has become my daily norm…I expect I’ll find a better balance soon…although speaking to others balance isn’t easy to find.  You never know I might find it though and I promise if I do find the solution I will share the trick but in the meantime do get in touch if you want to watch a juggling act!

Bee Aspinall –


As you know I have written a lot about inspiring people, people in this economic climate who are changing their lives and Bee is one of those people.  Thank you so much Bee for sharing your personal story.

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  1. What you need is a pc you can have a conversation with and ask too tweet your tweets Something on the lines of StarTrek lol

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