The Novel – the journey begins

Everyone has a novel within them, or so they say!

I never used to have a burning desire to write a novel but the more I have developed my content writing craft, I’ve had a desire to explore a more creative element.  Last year I thought it would be great to give it a go, but like most of us, wanting and doing tend to be two different things.  Business at Citrus Content became busy plus I had all these ideas rolling around in my head and I was trying to include them all.

On the train the other day I had a moment of clarity.

There was no way that all these ideas could create one story, no wonder I was confused.  I needed to not over complicate matters.

With no wifi available, I found myself staring at a blank word document and suddenly it hit me.  It was like this movie playing in my mind, as the words flowed through my fingers onto the keyboard I could see how this story would unfold.

I wrote out a short draft plot.  I was excited, OK I didn’t have a novel but I had started.

Was it good enough?  I sent my draft plot to a few friends and they were intrigued and asked questions.  Well if I managed to get them thinking then maybe I had something.

The central character was there, I could sense who she was, her emotions, her good side and bad.  The more I thought about her the more she felt real.  She was, and still is, living and breathing in my mind.  The other characters I’m still working on and that’s where I am right now.

I know that writing this novel will be a journey, I often forget to document the journey but it’s really important to realise how far you have come.  This is why I’ve decided to blog about it, I want to remember the good days and the bad, in a hope that it will not only inspire me to write another one but maybe you too.

I am not delusional, I know millions of people write books every year and only a handful get published.

Starting with no expectations releases the pressure because I am writing for me.

Do you have a novel inside you? Why not join me on this journey and let’s face the experience together?

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