One Amazing week – Inspired, Awarded, Credited

Well what a week it has been. So where to start, as the famous song goes “let’s start at the very beginning”.


On Tuesday I was honoured to attend the Oi Conference in Cardiff.  This wonderful Online Influence Conference I attended last year and was so impressed that when the tickets for this years event were released I bought one on the very first day.  Well I didn’t want to miss out!

The first speaker was the inspiringly wonderful Mark Schaefer.

As many of you will know I first came across Mark from reading his book Tao of Twitter about 18 months ago and if you haven’t come across his business blog grow I recommend you take a look.  Mark is one of those speakers that hypnotises, the room was entranced soaking up every singe idea.  His warm and personal approach is something that I will always admire, his message clear –

We are in a P2P world – People to People.

Obviously I can’t cover his whole presentation but I will share some of his highlights.

Mark always highlights business and personal examples to get his message across.  Coca Cola’s strategy to move from creative marketing to content marketing just shows how companies are evolving in this new social business world.  Check out Mark’s post – Coca-Cola’s bold move from creative excellence to content domination. Watch the video if you want to know more.

Mark expressed the need for businesses to trust the new way of doing business – stop thinking of sell, sell, sell and start thinking of help, help, help.

To get into the Social Media Mindset you need:

  • Meaningful content
  • Targeted connections
  • Authentic helpfulness

Mark’s 5 steps to more scintillating content

  1. Compelling Headline
  2. Original View Point
  3. Succinct Writing – attention vs word count
  4. R I T E  (Relevant, Interesting, Timely, Entertaining)
  5. Write upside Down – need to hook the reader from the start

One of the fun examples that Mark used was the company Charmin.  Now as a complete snob when it comes to public toilets, their mobile app blow me away, in fact I want it in the UK.  This app  is simple and effective has created loyalty to Charmin the brand from it’s users – why?

The Sit or Squat app rates public toilets all over the USA



When looking to spend a penny you can search on the map for a public toilet and then find out their rating so you know which one to choose.

sitorsquat picture-210


Philippa Davies – Social with Soul

Pippa is such a charismatic presenter.  Her vivacious nature and her shocking revelation that she is an introvert had us all hooked.  Pippa got us talking, about the psychology of social media and questions like: “Are you a fox or a hedgehog” really got us thinking.

Pippa is currently working an such an interesting project at the moment a not for profit organisation aimed at community progress through the web. To find out more check out the project website FYI Neath.

Pippa was generous enough to share her slides of the presentation.


Next up was Ian Cleary

I had never seen Ian speak before but I had heard a lot about him and his fantastic blog RazerSocial. Ian was an encyclopaedia of information, full of tools and tips to help us with our social media platforms. A lot of the tools I have never heard of so over the next few weeks I will certainly be trying many of them out. Ian’s approach was infectious, a bubbly Irish man who charmed us with his knowledge and inspired us with his tenacity.

Ian has ever so kindly sent me his presentation to share with you, thank you again Ian.


The man who made OiConf happen was Tony Dowling, I am, and will ever be grateful to Tony for creating such an amazing event.  Tony wrote on his recent blog post: Oiconf13 Review: Mixed Emotions, that this will be the last conference.  Tony is one of those people that I am so proud to have connected with.  Sometimes the numbers don’t add up and sometimes they do not come in the way we want, but through all the struggles the commitment to quality stood firm and the passion remained.  I have been dubbed an #oisuperfan a title I am proud to have, I completely believe in Tony’s vision so my message to Tony is simple, Thank you.

Back to Property


On Thursday I had the amazing news that I had been awarded runner-up for Best Interiors Blog in the prestigious Primelocation Blog Awards.  There are so many amazing and worthy blogs out there that to achieve this accolade was unbelievable.  Second place never felt so good! I want to thank all of you that voted for me and to my friends at Chesterton Humberts for entering me in the first place.


A few weeks ago I gave a little help to a fantastic journalist Donna Ferguson.  She was writing a piece on A to Z of dream homes and someone pointed her in my direction.  The finished piece is now live, I am so grateful to Donna for the wonderful credit.

A to Z of the most amazing properties for sale in the UK

Screen shot 2013-06-15 at 14.13.22


So there we have it.  One amazing week who knows what will happen next.

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    1. Thank you Ian, it was wonderful to meet you also. Thank you so much again for sharing your slideshow – I couldn’t remember everything.

      Hope to see you soon

      Andrea x

  1. All very impressive and a great account of your week. I’d hate to see what your ironing
    pile looks like — JOKING. hugs keep blogging we intend to do!!!

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