A kid’s guide to helping parents choose the perfect family sofa

When is a family sofa not a family sofa? When it’s a castle or a pirate galleon or a spaceship or a hair salon, of course.

Choosing the perfect family sofa is a very important responsibility and takes a lot of skill and creativity.
Before you came along your parents were just using it for sitting on. Now a sofa needs to take on a whole new role in the home and be the centre of creative silliness and fun.

Inspired by the work of Jennifer Blakeley’s ‘Let Them Be’ photographic collection, which captures kids free from judgment or social pressure, this guide asks: how can you help your parents to choose the perfect family sofa?

Suggested stress-tests for any new sofa:

The Faceplant

It is important to always ensure your sofa has a good-quality, heavy fabric. You want them to choose one that is both durable with a tight weave and one that has a high thread count. The best way to stress test for fabric quality is with a ‘But I’m sooo bored…’ faceplant. Try and go straight over the arm and hit the seat cushion with your arms by your side. It won’t help if you are actually feeling bored but you can check the softness of the fabric and it has the added bonus of getting your parents attention. Also, if you do it in daddy’s boss’ house you definitely will get their attention.

The Park Ranger

Every sofa fabric needs to be resistant to stains and depending on how often you spill drinks on it, synthetic leather or washable covers will be an ideal choice. Also, consider the height of the sofa. After a long day’s hiking through the great wilderness, you’re going to want to make sure you camp in a good location that is warm, dry, close to the fridge and with good views of the TV. Just don’t light any fires.

The engineer

Removable covers and stain guards can be very important in protecting sofas from spills. Leather can be susceptible to claw marks if you have a dog so it’s best to try and keep pets off the sofa. Removable cushions are also great for building a sofa fort to ensure any pirates or marauding dragons stay outside. If you have a dog that’s great too. Everyone knows dragons are really scared of barking dogs. Warning: don’t use a sheep, they eat those.

The Astronaut

If you’re going to launch anything into space you need something really springy. A soft sofa isn’t always the best for launching anything skywards so try and ensure the seat cushions have good support that the arms of the sofa are tall enough to give you extra height, and make sure you have something soft to land on.


The Entrepreneur

Whether you are going to build a fort, a shop, or a hair salon for your teddies, it is important to respect the changing needs of your customer-base and provide outstanding customer care. It is a tough business world out there so when starting a new venture make sure your sofa has good back support so that your customers will be comfortable and won’t wriggle around when they are having their hair dried.

The Deepsea diver

Before embarking on any kind of undersea voyage, it is wise to make sure the sofa, sorry boat, comes with an attached diving board. Either separate footstools or an extended seat, such as on chaise or L-shaped sofas, are ideal for this. Remember to check your air tanks are full, and log an official dive schedule with the coastguard, or just ask your parents to do it if you are too busy exploring.

The Pro-wrestler

If you’re going to try and make it on the pro-wrestling circuit you’re going to need as much practice at big jumps as possible. Wide sofa arms are very good for practising big jumps but so far those that are reinforced with a hardwood frame or a solid ‘L’ brace. Avoid seat cushions that are studded as, while durable and very popular, are not as soft and therefore are suitable for the budding professional. Higher sofa arms will also help you to achieve good height on your flying arm smashes. Just try not to hurt anyone…or yourself.

The mountain climber

Mountaineer George Mallory once answered why he climbed Everest with the immortal words: “Because it’s there!” The same goes for any sofa of real height. It must be climbed, because it is higher than you are. It is important however that every serious climber considers his or her terrain carefully before attempting a summit bid on anything that a professional would consider a ‘serious climb’. Make sure you acquire the correct support team around you and if you know you are likely to take some time to complete the journey, make sure you pack the right equipment. Just remember that most accidents happen on the climb back down so take mummy with you.


Guest Post byby Sebastian Bos. Sebastian works with Nabru, a furniture company located in the UK and he is in charge of creating the content for the Nabru campaign.


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