The Tree

It’s amazing isn’t it, dreaming, creativity, ideas.  No sooner did I announce my big idea that a lovely friend of mine planted a seed.  Its not a different seed, just a seed that has allowed my mind to plant the seed and watch it grow.

In the last 24 hours I have been a buzz of excitement and creative thinking, what if? Could I?, could we? It all started last night when I received an email from a lovely dear friend about my idea.  He loved the idea but also thought of something else I could do as he thought there was a need and I had the skills to fulfill it.  Really grateful to this friend and he knows who he is.

I took this seed and thought about it.  It was perfect, I then started thinking what if I joined forces with my friend who has complimentary skills what would happen then.  Within a couple of text messages, tweets and emails this seed has started to grow.  It now has several branches and becoming a force to be reckoned with.  My mind is an oozing of wondrous ideas that I am frantically writing down. The concept is forming and the realization that actually this is what I have been looking for is hitting home.

Tomorrow I meet with my partner in crime who I have been bombarding with my excitement, she is turn is bubbling with ideas and plans.  I can imagine our meeting being like a cartoon with light-bulbs, sparks, bubbles of words and over zealous actions.  A barrage of post-it’s, diagrams, calculations and symbols that will determine the future of our creation.

So my journey continues one thing is for sure my life will not be the same.

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