Transform your home with Chinese-style décor

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Chinese culture dates back 5,000 years and offers a wealth of decorating ideas. If you love rich colours, this is your look.

China is made up of many different ethnic groups, each contributing elements of colour and design to traditional Chinese style.

Bold red and gold hues, are coupled with textural elements, water and jade. Dramatic reds and golds symbolise good fortune and wealth. Water is believed to energise and jade is believed to be a talisman against physical and spiritual harm.

dscf0405 beijing-forbidden-city-side-gate-door

Dragon fire
Rosewood and ebony furnishings inlaid with mother-of-pearl are coveted pieces. The dragon which symbolises power, is one of the most revered signs of the Chinese zodiac and appears frequently in designs and patterns.

dscf0415 dscf0452
Add rich colours and oriental flair to your life with these Chinese style ideas:

  • Paint your front door red and frame it in gold to welcome prosperity.
  • Lend a hallway distinction with a rosewood chair and a dragon sculpture.
  • Place a Chinese fish bowl filled with water in your family room to encourage the flow of positive energy.
  • Fill it with floating candles for a pretty water feature with an Eastern edge
  • Dress your dining table with luxurious red or yellow silk and a bouquet of pink flowers.
  • Place a black lacquer cabinet or chest against a dark red feature wall for Chinese style, and storage.

It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to bring the beauty of China into your home, just begin with a simple red door and take it from there.
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